Monday, 31 March 2014

Being Ill

I absolutely, positively, hate.. being ill. I feel so useless.
I can't make any videos because I sound like a WWE wrestler,
All I do all day is change from one set of pyjamas, to another set.
Then on top of all of that, I just feel all round shit and vulnerable,
like the slightest wind could cut me down, or one wrong word and I'll burst into tears.

Everyday I'm taking paracetamol or ibuprofen, and now more than ever am I depending on Energy Drinks...
I know my addiction is bad already, - it's literally turning into a Health Hazard now - but where my moral and energy levels are so low, they've become like life support for me.

The entire household is ill, and I think we're just coming up to an entire week of us all being like this. I'm so over it right now, I want to be better.
We all spent Mothers Day yesterday in our pjs, watching films all day because we were all too ill to leave the house. Sorry Mum, I'll make up for the crappy day when we're all better. 

OK, rant over!

What's In My Bag

A fun little video on the contents of my handbag this Spring.

On a side note, my eyes look extremely light in this video. They're actually quite dark in real life.

Bleeding Out - Imagine Dragons Cover

I love playing the guitar - not that I'm very good mind you - and I love Imagine Dragons even more, so what better way to show both than with a slightly cringey song cover!
This is the first song I've ever fully learned on the guitar, I'm a complete and utter newbie, so do take it easy on me.

30 Things

Just a random video about some random things found in my bedroom.
There's some cool things, weird things.. all types of stuff that probably don't belong but are there anyway.
Enjoy, and don't forget to subscribe.

Bookcase Tour

      Bookcase Tour

My very first ever video on YouTube.
A slightly long and somewhat boring tour of all the books that I have so far.